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Dishoom -Kings Cross

Dishoom KX Godown

DISHOOM KING’S CROSS IS LOCATED WITHIN a restored Victorian industrial building — a former railway transit shed, built in 1850. To Londoners this is a warehouse, but to Bombayites, it would be a Godown. Vast quantities of goods once flowed through this foremost interchange between rail, road and canal. Goods were unloaded onto the platform, and the draft horses that worked the canals and turntables were stabled beneath. For over 100 years this building passed goods to and fro between Britain and its Empire, and between London and Bombay.

The restored railway transit shed is really special and even though the Covent Garden Dishoom is great, the surroundings here with the flickering dim lights, incense burning and 3 open floors make it a very exciting place to eat.

My second time here at the kings Cross Dishoom and as I leave across the canal back to the station, I suddenly remember how full to bursting I felt last time! This time is no different!

Our order:

Okra fingers
Pau bhaji
Murgh malai
Mattar paneer







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