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Tonkotsu, Soho

Tonkotsu, Dean street, soho

Forget any other ramen joint because this is the cats pyjamas! A small, informal, cafe style Japanese restaurant that serves food , fast! Pre-theatre option? You bet! 

With only a few ramen options on the menu, you aren’t spoilt for choice- so you can get straight on with ordering and eating. Nom!

Tonkotsu is a ramen using pork bone broth (so not one for the veggies!), but good lord it is tasty!

Self describing their ramen noodles as ‘Bouncy’, ‘tasty’ and with the right amount of ‘bite,’ it may be a surprise to hear that they are the only restaurant in London that make their own noodles in-house (with a machine that was brought over from Japan, no less).

So, down to business, we had-

  • Soho Ramen (Soho branch only) £11

Salt base, pork and chicken stock with medium think noodles topped with Grimsby smoked haddock, pak choi, half an egg, menma, spring onion and lumpfish caviar

  • Cold hiyashi chicken noodle salad £9.50

Marinated and poached chicken with seasoned egg, cucumber, pea shoots, tomato and sesame ponzu dressing

  • Chilli chicken rice £4

Boiled rice topped with chilli marinated chicken and spring onions


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