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Pix pintxos bar, soho

I have partaken in pintxos whilst in Barcelona (most fave city in Europe for sure) and just loved the whole experience!

It’s basically tapas on a stick with a couple of prices (generally meat prices and veggie prices)  – here it was a small stick and a long stick. You take your sticks up to the bar at the end where they count them and you pay. Great for a group where you always want to avoid an awkward bill splitting scenarios…

I love the idea of bits and bobs of delicious food that you can snack on to accompany your cava or Spanish beer, where you can pop up and get some more, as long as you are hungry. It’s kept hot on the counter and it’s refreshed regularly.

This pintxos bar did not disappoint and is totally authentic -I will be heading back quick smart.

From Manchego and chorizo kebabs to the well known favourite patatas bravas alongside sumptuous pudding options too- It was heaven on a stick.

Small sticks £2.25

Big stick £3.25

With a bottle of cava which was £25, it came to around £60 in total. I’m happy with that! Although saying that, it was my birthday, so I wasn’t footing the bill. Teehee

A perfect way to mark another year in this wonderful city

Muchas gracias mon amigos 💋


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