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68 and Boston, soho

68 and Boston, 5 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 4DD

This lovely Monday evening I was warmly welcomed at 68 and Boston by owner, Eric Yu. Upon arrival Eric ordered me a Christmas cocktail and told me about his impressive portfolio of bars and restaurants, of which he is clearly so passionate about.

Eric founded breakfast Group (of which 68 and Boston is a part) and has a collection of fabulous and unique venues in London. I now want to visit them all, pronto – watch this space! Together with Martin Malley, co-owner of Planet of the Grapes and Luca Cordiglieri, formerly bar manager at China Tang at The Dorchester, they created 68 and Boston.

At 68 and Boston we have two venues for the price of one. 68, a sleek, stylish but accessible wine bar on the ground floor and Boston (named after the cocktail shaker) the chilled and cosy cocktail bar on the first floor.


On arrival, the design and decor by Kai Design is really wonderful with neat little touches here and there. I was greeted in the writers lounge of Boston where original (and functioning) typewriter light features adorn the walls and the many comfy sofas and chairs surround you, which tempt you to relax and drink one of the cocktails.

One of the smaller private rooms was lined with different styles of decanter and had a kind of a boat feel, with a small port hole window. The wall also displaying cheeky black and white photos of dancing girls.

The cocktail menu, devised by  Luca Cordiglieri and head bartender Josh Powell, at Boston is very intriguing and I will be back to try their wine inspired selection with haste. Tonight, the Christmas cocktails were too delicious, with a little star anise placed on top, to drink anything else

On the ground floor, 68 offers an impressive and well designed selection of wines from all over the world.

No asking for a ‘glass of house red’ at 68, as an interesting and important theme of this bar is that all wines are priced exactly the same at £5.50 a glass, £14 a carafe and £20 a bottle.

Denise  Medrano (aka The wine Sleuth) one of the main hosts at 68 has sourced all the wine and has made some very clever choices. I hear on the grapevine (sorry) you can occasionally get a bottle of champagne, depending on the week.

This great idea takes the focus away from price and onto the wine itself. This means you have to use your experience, the description of the wine and the expertise of the staff to find your drink of choice. This goes back to my description of 68 as accessible, as too often London wine bars are seen as daunting to non experts- here all of this is stripped away and you can enjoy the experience of trying new wines without the scary bill.

I would like to thank Eric, Martin and Luca for being fantastic hosts and to Su-Lin for the invite. I will be back to Boston to try the cocktails and an after work trip to 68 is also beckoning – I hope it’s the night when the champagne is in 😀

Thanks for reading folks 💋


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