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B&H Buildings Margarita Masterclass 25th Feb 2016

  The margarita – served in its distinctive glass, with a lime wheel, salt rim and delicate green hue – is undeniably one of the most popular cocktails of all time. Next Monday marks National Margarita Day and in honour of this occasion B&H Buildings presents an entertaining, interactive Margarita Masterclass with Herradura Tequila on Thursday 25th February. 


(Photos courtesy of

The masterclass will take place in the decadent surroundings of Below & Hidden, the clubroom concealed beneath the restaurant and bar of B&H Buildings. 

Upon arrival, guests will receive a margarita and Herradura Brand Ambassador Nicci Stringfellow will then introduce the tequila before demonstrating how to make a classic Margarita. Guests will be able to indulge in an array of margaritas while learning more about the history of the cocktail.

 To finish this celebration, guests will split into teams for an exciting competition in to create the ultimate margarita! 

Surely you need no more convincing? Go forth and book, my tequila loving friends! 



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