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Kansas Smitty’s, Broadway Market

I don’t go to enough live music at all, especially when I do actually consider myself to be a musician of sorts. 

Kansas Smitty’s is an exceptionally cool venue. Cosy and intimate making a great spot for date nights or a catchp with a friend. Although when the music is in full flow, don’t expect to be able to chat much, not that you would want to anyway!…you will be too busy tapping your foot and being wowed by the talented musicians. Tonight was no exception, as Marcus Bonfanti and the Kansas Smitty’s house band were phenomenal.

 When the musicians weren’t playing we were treated to some jazz classics played on vinyl at the bar. There is a real respect for the music here which makes the whole experience even more special.

Now onto the cocktails which, obviously aside from the music, is another important part of a Kansas Smitty’s night!

Kansas Smitty’s have released a new house cocktails menu which sits alongside their impressive julep menu.


The cocktail that suited my tastes the best was the Corcovado (seen below) which was like a long caipirinha and infused with sage.


As well as the cocktails they had a lovely little selection and of beers for the Norwegian brewery lervig aktiebryggeri. My fave being lucky jack which was fruity and hoppy.  Great evening with great entertainment and superb cocktails, and it was just my idea of a perfect night AND i was only 20 minutes from home. What more could a girl want.

Thanks to the Kapranos girls as always, to the great staff at Kansas Smitty’s and to Marcus and the house band for such amazing music



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