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MWIP Top 5 cocktails 

Massive disclaimer: These are my top five, at the moment.. It could all change at any time! 

The Che Guava at Brixton South was fruity with passionfruit and smoky from the mezcal and exceptionally refreshing! Give me rum in any format but I will drink this all day long! 

The Princess Jasmine which is available at Low, Slow & Juke is applewood smoked brokers export gin, manzana verde liqueur, lemon juice, jasmine sugar syrup, and teapot bitters. This was really smokey and sour and delicious.

The Lebaneeza at Berber & Q is saffron infused rum, grapefruit Demerara syrup and mint. So delish!


The Japanese Winter cocktail at Hubbard and Bell is a winter remedy and so you may have to wait a bit to try it for yourself. It was spicy and warming and just amazing on a cold day.
Nikka, Drambuie, Velvet Falernum, ginger, lemon. 

Shaky Petes at the hawksmoor! A spicy gingery gin and beer cocktail. It’s quite fiery and only will suit people who like ginger I would imagine. Served in a frozen beer tankard too. Also a really nice version of this available at Be @ 1 cocktail bars. 



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