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GŌNG Bar, Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard

Never have I been to such a magnificent venue – 52nd floor of the Shard, the highest bar in W.Europe and possibly the most impressive place I have ever had a drink. And I have drunk and been drunk in a lot of places!  

Some of their amazing cocktails included  ‘Crowd Surfing’ cocktail from the First Kiss section of the menu , described as:

There are memories we never forget. Restless, reckless and fearless, we take risks and indulge in the forbidden. Lessons learnt and memories made, we invite you to recreate yours.

Anspach & Hobday IPA, agricole rhum, Galliano, yuzu sake, citrus.
A beer-tail which celebrates the local craft brewery in Bermondsey. Garnished with a flamed marshmallow.
Served in fine pewter vintage ware.

Also from the first kiss section, Under the Sea 

Ketel One, Talisker, seaweed, Domaine de Canton, Champagne, lemon zest, golden pearls.
Gilded beads of chocolate tumble from an oyster shell and float through the drink as an offering to the sea gods. Served in a flute.

From the Old School part of the menu described as 

Memories are priceless treasures of the heart. Reminisce with pride and peacefulness that comes with age. Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments in life. Indulge in rich flavours that complement a sophisticated palate.

Remembering Grasshopper

Cocoa washed Jensen’s dry, evergreen purée, yoghurt liqueur, lollipop.
Paying homage to the legend of knowledge.
A surprisingly enhanced gin base, with a silky green blend of herby avocado, mint, apple, basil and matcha. With a green-gem garnish of fossilized crickets.

Other mesmerising and beautifully designed cocktails included 

My first Painting 

Sunshine and Flowers

Let’s Dance

The atmosphere of this small bar on top of the world was relaxed and laid back with the fantastic staff looking after you from the moment you step inside. 

We were lucky enough to view The Shangri-La’s Sky pool which is the highest swimming pool in Western Europe and get to watch London switch off as it started to sparkle in the darkness. 

On certain full-moon nights, you can stargaze with a cocktail in hand, using a telescope located in GŌNG. [Subject to weather, 21 May and a Summer solstice celebration on 20 June, and further dates in the year].
The most beautiful of bars overlooking my most favourite of places – an absolute pleasure.


4 thoughts on “GŌNG Bar, Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard

  1. Wow! They all look fantastic! Reminds me of Nightjar’s presentation… My First Painting is my fave 🙂 I must check this out, I heard it’s quite small?


    1. Thank you for checking out my gong post 🙂 Not that small- but they only fill the seating with no standing room I think. It’s fantastic- definitely check it out!


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