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Jinjuu Soho- Sunday Brunch

Jinjuu, 15 Kingly Street London W1B5PS

Having been here before and known about the amazing KFC, we thought we would have a mooch at the brunch menu. 

Not being too enthralled we were going to go for what we knew best (the fried chicken) but when the server told us what good value the brunch was, we decided to go for it. 

Boy was he right!

What happened around 15 minutes later was that we were showered with so much amazing food – we could not believe it! 

All of the above was just a starter! Beautiful mandoo, a ridiculous pile of fried chicken wings, prawn pops, vegetable kimbap sushi, prawn crackers and edamame beans.

Then a main of chicken bibimbap for me and seabass for my dining chums.

-Steamed sea bass fillet, jalapeno & soy glaze, spring onion salad & yuzu pickled cucumber.

Washed with a Japanese pale ale- put a fork in me!

With a bag of leftovers, off we trotted home, happy in the knowledge that lunch the next day would be epic! 



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