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Tootoomoo, Panasian Restaurant, Crouch End, N8

Tootoomoo, 12 Crouch End Hill, Crouch End, N8 8AA

Who or what is Tootoomoo you may ask? 

There you have it! 

I really love this restaurant and the top quality, effortless service we received from all we met. On arrival we felt instantly welcome and were totally looked after until our departure. 

The menu, created by executive chef Ricky Pang, gives you all the Asian flavours you love across Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese cuisine etc. but all in one place and with zero compromise on quality.


  • Chicken gyoza
  • Soft shell crab maki
  • Yuzu Salmon maki
  • Crispy duck rolls

The ingredients are totally fresh and top quality, with everything cooked so beautifully it was a pleasure to eat. The duck rolls were nothing like your usual oil sodden spring rolls,they were packed full of juicy well cooked duck and light and crispy on the outside.

The chicken gyoza the same in that the chicken was so tender and juicy but the dumpling light and crispy  and adding great texture.

The sushi was very well priced with such good portions and among some of the best I’ve eaten! The soft shell crab was tasty and the salmon creamy and tender. 


  • Peppered style beef 
  • Black cod miso
  • Nasi goreng shrimp

The miso black cod and the peppered beef were superb and just melt in the mouth amazing. A recommendation from manager Phillip that I’m glad we listened to. 

Washed down with a mojito and ending on a frozen yoghurt with mango and passionfruit compote, I was as happy as I could be! 

Thank you to Tootoomoo for your invitation, delightful service and food. I will definitely be back very soon!



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