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Bao, Fitzrovia

Bao, 31 Windmill Street, London W1

Having tried and failed to have lunch here once or twice, I made damn sure I was here 5.30 on the dot for the start of the evening service.

Very informal and relaxing atmosphere as we sat at the bar in the centre of the small restaurant. There is seating downstairs, virtually in the kitchen, so if you are looking for a front row experience request a spot down there. A bit hot for me (having paid a visit to use the facilities) so I was happy at the top of the shop. 

The order of is done via a tick sheet menu. Having said that the staff don’t just leave you to it, there is plenty of knowledge on offer if you require 

Daikon bao, panko daikon, daikon pickle and hot sauce. (Daikon being a type of radish)

Beef cheek and tendon nuggets 

Classic braised pork bao, ferments, coriander and peanut

Aubergine rice fish and grilled confit lettuce for side 

And of course a Taiwan beer to accompany this feast

A real treat and I would like to go back when I have more time and more people so I can try more things!



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